Sleep Tight Training Accreditation Terms and Conditions (the Terms)

In these Terms:

  • Accreditation means a Sleep Tight accreditation awarded by the Charity
  • Accreditation Fee means the initial fee for an Accreditation, set out here:
  • Applicant means a person applying for an Accreditation
  • Application Form means the application form for an Accreditation, available here:
  • Charity means The Sleep Charity, a charitable incorporated organisation registered with the Charity Commission under registration number 1150585
  • Register means the Sleep Tight Accreditation Register maintained by the Charity
  • Renewal Fee means the fee for renewing an Accreditation, provided by The Sleep Charity in the application form.

1 Accreditation Criteria

1.1    In order to be awarded an Accreditation an Applicant must:

  • have attended a complete Sleep Tight training course run by the Charity;
  • have completed an Application Form; and
  • have paid the Accreditation Fee.

1.2    The Charity will determine, in its sole discretion, whether to award an Accreditation to the Applicant.  The Charity will refund the Accreditation Fee paid for any refused application.

1.3    On grant of an Accreditation, the Charity will issue a certificate to the Applicant.  The Charity will add the name and organistion of the Applicant, and the expiry date of their Accreditation, to the Register.

1.4    An Applicant holding a valid Accreditation shall be entitled to display their Accreditation certificate and publicise their Accreditation.

1.5    The Charity operates on an equal opportunity basis.  Applications are welcomed from all Applicants who feel they meet the criteria for Accreditation.

2 Accreditation Restrictions

2.1    The Applicant may not: (i) use the Accreditation in any way which may mislead others; or (ii) provide false information relating to the scope of the Accreditation.

2.2    An Accreditation is personal to the Applicant to whom it was awarded.  An Accreditation may not be transferred to any other person, nor may any other person purport to provide any services under the banner of the Accreditation.

2.3    The Applicant must, when providing any services under the banner of the Accreditation, comply with all applicable laws and standards of good business practice.

2.4    The Charity may withhold or revoke any proposed or awarded Accreditation if: (i) it reasonably believes that it is not or no longer appropriate for the Accreditation to be awarded; or (ii) that the actions of an Applicant or any associated person may bring the integrity of the Accreditation into disrepute.

3 Liability Limitation

3.1    To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Charity excludes any liability for any losses caused to an Applicant resulting from any decision by the Charity to withdraw an Accreditation.

3.2    By accepting an Accreditation an Applicant agrees to indemnify the Charity for any costs or expenses caused to the Charity as a result of any breach of laws, or any other actions, of an Applicant.

4 Renewal

4.1    An Accreditation will automatically expire on the first anniversary of the date of its award.

4.2    To renew an Accreditation for a further annual period an Applicant must, before the expiry of the Applicant’s current Accreditation:

  • have attended a complete Sleep Tight training refresher course run by the Charity; and
  • have paid the Renewal Fee. 

5 Lapse or Termination

5.1    An Applicant shall be entitled to resign an Accreditation by written notice to the Charity.

5.2    If an Accreditation expires, is resigned by an Applicant or is revoked by the Charity then:

  • the Charity will remove the name of the Applicant from the Register;
  • the Applicant must no longer display the Accreditation certificate or otherwise hold himself/herself out to be accredited by the Charity; and
  • no full or partial refund of any Accreditation Fee or Renewal Fee will be made by the Charity.

6 Contact

6.1    Any queries regarding an Accreditation should be directed to:

6.2    The Charity endeavours to respond in full to all queries within five working days.

7 Data Protection

7.1    The Charity may gather an Applicant’s personal data as part of the Accreditation process.  The Charity may include the name and organisation of the Applicant on the Register.

7.2    The Charity will not otherwise use any such personal data and will delete such data within 6 months of an Accreditation expiring, being resigned by an Applicant or being revoked by the Charity.

7.3    By applying for, or renewing, an Accreditation the Applicant confirms that:

  • he/she consents to the gathering of the above mentioned personal data and its storage by the Charity within the United Kingdom; and
  • he/she consents to the above described use of his/her personal data by the Charity.

8 Other

8.1    The Charity may amend these Terms from time to time at its sole discretion.

8.2    These Terms are governed by English law.

8.3    The English courts will have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any disputes arising in connection with these Terms or the grant of an Accreditation.