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12 Days of Christmas brought to you by us…

Dec 1, 2023

The festive season is upon us and with it comes lots of cheer, parties or…. stress and anxiety. Whatever the season brings for you, it can often affect your sleep – children can be overwhelmed, over excited and high on sugar whereas adults can feel the pressure of an extra long to-do list, hosting friends and relatives and, not to mention, money worries.

The combination of our usual routines being on hold, the excess of rich food and alcohol, coupled with late night parties, can negatively affect sleep over Christmas and New Year. But don’t fret – you don’t need to turn into the Grinch and remove all the fun to get everyone in the house to sleep well.

Here are our 12 Days of Christmas for some top tips to keep your sleep on track so that you make it to 2024 feeling refreshed and relaxed…

1, Keep bed and wake up times the same
2, Enjoy the party season but avoid sugary snacks too close to bed
3, Snuggle down on an evening and lower the lights as this will help produce the sleepy hormone, Melatonin
4, Write your Christmas ‘to do’ list to help you feel in control
5, T’is the season to be jolly! Though avoid alcohol too close to bed
6, Bring out the cheese – despite the rumours, it doesn’t give nightmares, it’s actually a great bedtime snack along with bananas, cherries and pineapple
7, Wind down with some relaxing music or Christmas hymns
8, How cosy is your room? Clean and clutter free make the best havens
9, Despite the winter weather, keep the heating low or off for a good night’s sleep
10,  Entertain at lunchtime so that you’re not going to bed on a full tummy as this can hinder sleep
11, Don’t forget to look after yourself this season. Schedule ‘me time’
12, When it’s time to leave out the mince pie and carrot for Father Christmas and Rudolph, add a cup of warm milk to the Christmas Eve tradition – milk contains tryptophan and the warmth will help raise the body temperature, in order to encourage the temperature drop that precludes sleep
If you’re struggling with your sleep we have a free National Sleep Helpline number here: 03303 530 541