Welcome to the Sleep On It podcast series brought to you by the team at The Sleep Charity.

With around 4 in every 10 adults experiencing sleep issues, the podcast is here to open up those all-important conversations around sleep. We want you to understand more about sleep, how to look after your sleep and how to improve those zzzs.

We are not about soothing sounds or sleep stories but we talk about how the serious issue of sleep. We will tackle the subjects of ADHD, women’s health, children’s sleep and much more! So if you want to learn more about sleep, you’ve come to the right place!

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Series 1 – The Impact of ADHD on Sleep

In this first series, our focus is on ADHD and sleep, thanks to funding from the National Lottery Community Fund. Presenter, Mark Thompson, speaks with leading industry experts and influential people about their relationship with sleep and how factors such as relationships, food, exercise, family life and health can affect sleep.


Episode 1: Food & Diet with Sarah Osborne – Founder, SO Nutrition

Diet and sleep go hand-in-hand and in this episode, Sarah talks about the relationship between what we eat and how we sleep. Sarah works specifically with people with ADHD and has an incredible knowledge of the intricacies of food and the science behind it.

Episode 2: Exercise and the impact on sleep with Dr Sarah Gilchrist – Gilchrist Performance

Dr Sarah Gilchrist, who has a doctorate in sleep and athletic performance and an extensive background in the UK high performance sport industry, chats about how exercise can impact sleep and promote homeostatic balance. Plus how exercise can help support a better night’s sleep for those with ADHD.

Episode 3: Personal Growth & Performance with Elliot Browne – No.1 ADHD authority on business, performance and resilience

In this insightful conversation with Elliot, we talk about the impact of sleep and ADHD on his life plus his strategies to getting to sleep.

Episode 4: Relationships & Family Life with Sarah Sharp – Founder, Tick Tok Therapy

In this episode, Sarah explores the ADHD and relationships. Aside from her professional work, she gave an honest insight into her own family life and the impacts of ADHD.

Episode 5: Vicki Beevers – Founder and CEO, The Sleep Charity

The driving force behind The Sleep Charity, founder and CEO, Vicki Beevers takes us on a powerful journey through her own story on severe sleep deprivation, her ADHD diagnosis to how and why she founded the charity. She also highlights the spectrum and individuality of ADHD and the variety of strategies that can be implemented to improve sleep.

Episode 6: The Sensory Side of Sleep with Amanda Bland, Stitch Ability – Sensory and Sleep Solutions

Amanda Bland gives us an incredible explanation about how people, particularly children with ADHD and sensory issues can have problems with sleep and how as parents and carers, we can support them.

Episode 7: Self Strategies with Dr Lou Mycroft

In this episode, Dr Lou Mycroft shares how her ADHD has been supported by her own self strategies – the most prominent being her pursuit for joy.

Episode 8: Highlighting ADHD with Tony Lloyd – CEO, ADHD Foundation

Mark Thompson is joined by Tony Lloyd from the ADHD Foundation in this episode where they explore the amazing work the ADHD Foundation do and the impacts of ADHD on daily life.

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