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The Charter for Sleep Equality addresses the growing issue of sleep deprivation and fatigue. 

A good night’s sleep is vitally important for the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of all. We are working hard to raise awareness about the impact of sleep deprivation as a health and safety risk and the lack of support available.

Our shared vision is that sleep difficulties are understood in the workplace, employers are educated and that employees have access to effective, consistent evidence-based advice and support.

Please pledge your support below and help support this important help issue. 

Pledging your support will show commitment to:

Tackling fatigue and sleep deprivation in the workplace

Adopting a cultural change within our business
Taking appropriate responsibility for our employees’ health and wellbeing

Ensuring employees have access to sleep education

Pledge Your Support

Working together can make a real difference to the lives of adults and children struggling to sleep.

Those who sign up to the Charter will promote good sleep health within their business/organisation, among their employees or students and throughout the community in the UK.

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Gateway HSW Consultants are pleased to sign up our support for The Sleep Charity’s Sleep Charter. We recognise the impact of fatigue on the safety and health of the workforce. In our work,  we aim to reduce fatigue risk to prevent incidents and ill health.  The work of The Sleep Charity with raising awareness, research, providing training and support is vital for individuals and organisations to help prioritise sleep.

Clare Richardson, Partner Director, Gateway HSW Consultants