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Feeling The Heat?

Jun 19, 2023

Too hot in bed? 
Here are some simple and effective tips to help you stay cool and comfortable in bed this summer:
• Open windows – and doors – to create a cool draught 
• Draw curtains or blinds during the day to block the sun out
• If you’ve got an attic, open the hatch so hot air can escape
•  Sleep with just a cotton sheet – or a duvet with a low tog rating
• Wear light cotton nightwear • Have a cool shower or bath before bedtime • Drink plenty of cold water during the day and keep a glass by the bed• Avoid too much caffeine, alcohol or a big meal before bedtime 
•  Fill a hot water bottle with ice cold water and have it in bed with you
• Chill a pillowcase in the fridge before bedtime or try one of the new cooling pillows 
• Try a pet cooling mat under your sheet