Sleeping with pets

Last updated: December 2020
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We are a nation of pet lovers and nearly half of the UK population own a pet with cats and dogs topping the charts.

Out of that, half of those people also let their pets sleep in their bed.

Should I let my pet sleep in my bed?

Some people like the companionship of a pet nestled in their bed as it gives them greater security, provides comfort and a better bond helping them to sleep easy.

However there is an argument that co-sleeping with pets not only disturbs your sleep but can impact on your health implications too.

Pets aren’t clean and they carry bugs, fungal infections as well as other allergens that could aggravate allergies and asthma. Cats and dogs also snore and you can often find a dog dreaming by its kicks, grunts and twitching.

Establish bedroom boundaries

Instead of your bed, consider having your dog sleep in their own bed in your room or even outside your bedroom door. That way they’re still close enough but are less likely to disrupt your sleep. This may also be a good compromise if you have a partner who is feeling second best!

If you decide that you want to carry on co-sleeping, try to give them a dedicated space on the bed where they sleep (in particularly for dogs). Equally invest in a mattress that’s big enough to share.

It comes down to common sense, if your furry friend is disturbing your sleep it’s time to move them out of the bedroom and into their own space.