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Is sleeping with your partner causing trouble in paradise?

Feb 13, 2024

As couples head to the bedroom this Valentine’s Day, some people may not be feeling the love when it comes to falling asleep next to their partner as we’ve found that 50 per cent of people sleep better when their partner is not in bed with them.

Consistently getting enough sleep can boost our brain’s ability to hold onto memories, have meaningful conversations, and generally have more energy to connect with our partners. However, a broken sleep pattern can make us feel more anxious, irritable, and prone to overreacting. So, the ability to get a good night’s sleep can be make or break for relationships.

For many relationships, sleeping apart may not be a practical option, so here are our top tips on having a successful night under the covers:

· Share the love (not the duvet) – Duvet hogging is a common grumble amongst those sharing a bed. In Scandinavia, many couples sleep with two single duvets on a double bed to keep both partners comfortable.

· Gadgets are a turn-off – Phones, tablets and other screens are best put away in a drawer as they wreak havoc on a body’s circadian rhythms and blue light can interrupt sleep – for both partners.

· Size matters – A double bed only gives each partner the same amount of space to sleep in as a cot. With the average person tossing and turning up to 60 times a night, a bigger mattress might be a better investment than the flowers and chocolate this Valentine’s Day.

In our culture, sleeping apart implies that there is trouble in paradise. But in reality, if your sleeping habits don’t synchronise then it’s much better, for your relationship, to sleep apart. Sleeping apart is not always an option, so using these tips can help transform your sleeping habits, and connection with your partner.

Bedtime should be a blissful part of any day – not just on Valentine’s Day.