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Launch of Sleep Friendly Paint Colours with Valspar

Nov 10, 2021

Your bedroom is the one place which should be all about you – it is your private space, where you go to feel calm, relaxed, peaceful and quiet. And when you feel all of those things, you are more likely to sleep better.

That’s why we’ve been working with paint powerhouse, Valspar, to launch the ‘Color Effect’ – Color for Sleep – a bank of specially curated hues that can help to encourage a better night’s sleep. They are softly indulgent, catering for those who prefer a more muted colour palette to those who want to play around with a little more colour in the bedroom.

There are around 40% of adults who struggle with sleep issues and there are several things that can be put into place to improve sleep habits but in order to enjoy a restful night’s sleep, you must pay some attention to your bedroom environment. We spend a third of our lives in bed!

When planning a bedroom scheme, there’s nothing more important in setting the tone of the room than the wall colour. Colours can affect you psychologically which includes your ability to sleep. It’s harder to fall asleep when you’re feeling anxious, stress or upset than when you’re relaxed and happy. A bedroom should be somewhere tranquil – a sanctuary away from the bustle of everyday life, but that doesn’t mean to say it can’t have a bit of mood about it.

Blues hues are harmonious and can have a calming effect on the brain which helps with the onset of sleep ( )  Indigo Dreams offers a dreamy scheme that is romantic and feminine with a contemporary edge. Like an evening sky, it provides a calming backdrop, prompting feelings of relaxation ready for a sweet night of slumber.

Reminiscent of nature, greens induce feelings of nurture and balance that many people find therapeutic. Sea Crest is a refreshing shade that provokes restoration, helping to reduce any stressors that can trigger poor quality sleep.

It’s never been more important to lie back and relax and meet the mood for the Scandi-Hygge vibe with the pared-back style of Grey Berry or Pink Alabaster. These shades wield a gentle touch, keeping the mood light when it’s time to snooze and leaving you feeling refreshed and calm when you wake.

Richer tones such as Crushed Nutmeg or Toasted Beige are timeless and lend themselves to creating a sanctuary you can relax in. Centred on warm functionality, these understated shades bring a mellowness to a cosy haven.

Don’t be afraid of using colour in the bedroom. It’s not only about using pastel or muted shades.  Warm mid-based tones can be reassuringly indulgent and create the perfect escapism.

What you are looking to avoid are bold, bright, brash colour schemes that are stimulating and create energy and are not conducive for a good night’s sleep. There is research to suggest that red can increase your fight or flight response making you more alert and aware of your surroundings

Shades such as Ethereal Dance or the Kindness of Strangers are easy on the eye even though they have depth of colour. These shades persuade the eye that this is a rich, sumptuous room evoking a cocoon-like space that is warm and inviting. When we feel safe and secure, we sleep better.