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National Sleep-In Day – Enjoy the Gift of Time

Oct 19, 2023

Sunday October 29 is National Sleep-In Day 2023 – the day the clocks go back, and we all get to have an extra hour in bed (whoop). 

To make the most of your lie-in, here are our 10 top tips for getting a great night’s sleep. Follow these simple rules to make the most of the annual Sleep Fest: 

  • Remember to switch off the alarm before you go to sleep at night.  
  • Avoid the temptation to stay out too late or for that extra hour on the Saturday night – that will rob you of sleep before you even get into bed. If you’re out drinking alcohol, this may help you fall asleep initially, but will interrupt your sleep later on. 
  • Do a quick once over of your sleeping environment and see if it’s fit for sleep – remember it needs to be cool, quiet and dark as possible. And make sure your bed is comfortable. It’s difficult to get deep, restful sleep on one that’s too soft, too hard, too small or too old. 
  • Take an exercise class or go for a walk the day before. Exercise can help relieve the day’s stresses and strains and will make you feel more tired. NB. Don’t exercise too close to bedtime or it may keep you awake! 
  • Limit your caffeine on the evening. It can interfere with falling asleep and prevent deep sleep. Have a hot milky drink or herbal tea instead. 
  • Don’t smoke/vape. Yes, it’s bad for sleep, too: smokers take longer to fall asleep, wake more often and often experience more sleep disruption. 
  • Relax before bed going to bed, to make sure you get those much-needed zzzs, whether that’s having a warm bath, listening to some quiet music or doing some yoga – all help to relax both the mind and body.  
  • If your mind is buzzing when you get into bed, why not write down any worries, concerns or even your to-do list. Keep a notepad and pen in your bedside drawer.  
  • If you can’t sleep, don’t lie there worrying about it. Get up and do something you find relaxing until you feel sleepy again – then go back to bed (you’re gaining an extra hour, remember). 

Enjoy the gift of time – there is psychological beneficial effect in enjoying a guilt free period of relaxation even if you aren’t fully asleep.