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Statement on On-Line Melatonin Preparations

Jun 18, 2024

  • Research evidence has shown that there is variability in the content of melatonin “gummies” manufactured in the US and available on-line
  • A study measuring the content of 25 brands of “gummy” found that some products contained up to 4 x the dose stated on the label
  • Melatonin gummies can contain high levels of serotonin or CBD and deaths in children taking melatonin gummies have been reported in the US as a result of serotonin overdose.
  • Melatonin should only be taken under medical supervision and only if behavioural intervention has been offered
  • If your child is having sleep problems, please read the information on The Sleep Charity/Sheffield Children’s Hospital/FIS/Kids website.
  • The Sleep Charity/Sheffield Children’s Hospital/FIS/Kids and other experts are actively campaigning to advise the UK government to restrict the availability of on-line melatonin products.