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Take Sleep Seriously In The Workplace

Nov 15, 2021

Our revolutionary new Workplace Sleep Ambassadors programme has been launched to support UK businesses and organisations in tackling one of the leading causes of mental health issues in the workplace.

Delivered by Vicki Dawson and Lisa Artis, the programme aims to address concerns following the revelation that 200,000 working days are lost every year due to insufficient sleep, costing the UK economy millions and causing major disruption for employers battling back to normality following 18 months of COVID chaos.

The Workplace Ambassadors initiative delivers training that empowers staff members to support their colleagues in achieving a better night’s sleep. Several household names from across sectors and industries have already enrolled on the programme including Mental Health First Aid England, Camelot, Premier Inn, John Lewis, Autotrader and West Yorkshire Police. 

The training is delivered as a mixture of pre-recorded study and live sessions, and helps ambassadors develop their understanding of the leading causes of sleep issues, the facts and fiction surrounding a good night’s sleep and practical support strategies.

A recent study, conducted in partnership with Furniture Village, found that 28% of Brits have called in sick at least once due to having a bad night’s sleep during the last three months, while nearly two-thirds (64%) say they have felt overwhelmed at work due to a lack of sleep.

A further 41% say they have left their camera off for a work Zoom call due to not sleeping well, 67% admit they’re more likely to snap at colleagues, while 59% say their attention span has been negatively affected.

In total, 40% of UK employees are estimated to suffer issues with sleep.

The new Workplace Sleep Ambassadors programme has been created to help bring those numbers down, and ensure companies are providing adequate support to employees battling sleep-related issues. It addresses a very tangible and evidenced issue that is affecting workplaces and organisations throughout the UK.

The programme provides everything an organisation needs to reduce workplace issues related to a lack of sleep, empowering staff members to conquer their sleep issues, become more productive members of the team and boost their own health and wellbeing.

Holland & Barratt Divisional Sales Trainer Amy Rowlands said: “The Sleep Ambassador training was so empowering. As well as being able to fully understand the importance of sleep, I now have the confidence and the tools to be able to support my colleagues with their own journeys around sleep.”

Learn more about the Workplace Sleep Ambassadors programme here.