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WIN: The Magic of Sleep Book

Jun 18, 2021

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Sleep – it’s a mysterious BUT awesome world.

Vicky Woodgate has written and illustrated a book about sleep for children. Having always been fascinated by sleep, she discovered there really isn’t much for kids about the SUBJECT of sleep, sure there is plenty on getting to sleep but what about the WHOLE WORLD of sleep. How did ancient people slumber? What DID they sleep on, why are cats SO GOOD at snoozing, where did the term nightmare come from, and why it’s ok to have strange dreams.

It’s so important to have a healthy relationship with sleep from an early age, unravel the covers – peel back the mysteries, maybe then, it can help the whole family have a better, healthier and happier relationship with bedtime.

That’s why she has teamed up with The Sleep Charity, who provided consultancy around the book, to offer two lucky people on Twitter the chance to win a copy of her book ‘The Magic of Sleep’. All you need to do is follow us both, retweet the post and tag a friend below with the hashtag #magicofsleep

So here are some of the golden nugget’s she picked up on her research journey through time, history, the natural world, stats, facts and how we sleep today, all in the pursuit of understanding a little more on the subject of sleep.

  • Totally fascinating. Most of us fall into specific sleep pattern groups, our genetics playing a role in this. Are you a Lark? – up early and raring to go but get tired earlier in the evening. How about an Owl? Struggle to get out of bed, but function better later in the day. Or the best of both worlds the Hummingbird, able to switch between the two patterns. These are called chronotypes, and studies suggest there may be even more subgroups called swifts and woodcocks. It’s a menagerie! If you discover what you might be that could help you plan your day better.
  • How long is enough? Different age groups require different amounts of sleep, for example children between 3-6 years need 11-12 hours, it drops to 9-11 hours between the ages of 7-12. Most adults up to 65 do well on 7-9 hours a night. But everyone is different, and the best thing is to find your sweet spot for the right amount that suits you.
  • Mindfulness and meditation. It really does seem to work. When you stop taking time out to have a breather and give your mind a rest that impacts on my sleep quality. This goes for all ages in the busy hectic world we live in.
  • Getting outside. Getting some fresh air and exercise in nature. It’s fantastic for your mental health and will do wonders for your mood – go on, go and hug a tree!
  • Key to an awesome night’s sleep. Do the same relaxing things in the same order before bed every night to see the results.
  • Switch off all tech one hour before bed. The blue light that beams from the screens, messes with the sleep hormone melatonin and stops us falling asleep – that includes TV. It can cause anxiety too!
  • Other species. Some birds sleep while flying! Great Frigate birds take lots of 10 second naps as they fly non-stop for weeks. Snakes snooze with their eyes open (they have no eyelids) and flies take afternoon naps.
  • The first waterbed was invented in 1000BCE. Ancient Persians would fill goat skins in water to sleep on. During the middle ages many people slept on sacks stuffed with straw. This is where the popular term “hit the hay” came from.

Vicky has also created a 5-day sleep project for the whole family, full of fun activities, crafts, breathing and meditation, plus how to set up a routine – with a chart of course! Download it here and get cracking with those super art skills and chart this fascinating subject that we ALL do one third of our lifetimes.


The Magic of Sleep by Vicky Woodgate – Published by DK is out now.

Dive into the weird and wonderful world of sleep, from the science behind dreams to a peek into animal sleeping habits, what happens to our bodies when we snooze and tips for better sleep for the whole family – for children aged 7 to 9.

Vicky Woodgate is an author and illustrator of non-fiction books for children – she lives on the south coast of England with her husband and sleep expert Moka, an old and very grumpy Siamese cat.

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