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How To Know If It’s Time for A New Mattress with Bed Advice UK

May 10, 2023

This month we hear from Bed Advice UKthe consumer arm of the National Bed Federation who is a long-time partner of the charity, which merged with The Sleep Council in 2020.

With the knock-on effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and seemingly endless supply of negative news, it is no surprise that adult Brits are struggling with their sleep. A recent survey by The Sleep Charity found 29 per cent say they regularly tune in to the TV to help them drift off into slumber, compared to just five per cent who’ll look for proper guidance. That’s why we leapt at the opportunity to support The Sleep Charity in the publication of their new eBook, Understanding Your Sleep. 

The eBook’s launch also ties in with our ‘May Be Time for a New Mattress’ campaign this month, where we’re encouraging the nation to take time to assess their beds using our signs to look out for. Our bed and sleep are intrinsically linked; we always say, you could have a great wind-down routine, eat well and exercise regularly, but if your bed is uncomfortable and unsupportive, youre not going to get the refreshing quality sleep you need to function properly. That’s why The Sleep Charity’s new eBook has a crucial section on mattresses and the bedroom environment.

So, some questions to ask yourself when considering replacing your mattress:

  1. Do you wake up with aches and pains?
  2. Are you disturbed by your partner when they move around in bed? The bigger the bed the better, as partner disturbance is one of the top reasons people struggle to sleep well.
  3. Do you roll into the middle of the mattress unintentionally?
  4. Have you slept better in other beds?
  5. Is the mattress lumpy and bumpy?
  6. Does the bed creak, squeak and groan during the night?
  7. Have you had your mattress for more than seven – 10 years?
  8. Have your allergies flared up recently? With hay fever season in full force, an old mattress is a haven for dust mites that can trigger allergies.

If you found yourself nodding along to these questions, then it May Be Time for a New Mattress. If you’re still not sure whether you need to replace your mattress, why not take our quick and easy online Bed MOT. When you’re ready to start your bed-buying journey, our handy Bed Buyers’ Guide will help you every step of the way.